Sunday Express articles

I do love to spread the word about a good book and so I am delighted to be able to contribute regular features for the Sunday Express about some of my favourite historical fiction releases.

Power struggles (3 June 2018)

Period pieces (8 April 2018; part 1 and part 2)

Winter historical highlights (21 January 2018; part 1 and part 2)

Look back in anger (1 October 2017)

The past is a foreign country: historical fiction reviews (6 August 2017)

Once upon a time (4 June 2017)

The rest is history (2 April 2017)

Best and worst of time – best new historical fiction (15 January 2017)

Way back when – best new historical fiction (9 October 2016)

As time goes by – our pick of new historical reads (31 July 2016)

Look back in wonder – best new historical fiction (17 July 2016)

Look back in wonder – best historical fiction reads of May 2016 (15 May 2016)

Past Masters – our pick of historical fiction (6 March 2016)

The Good Old Days – the best five historical books of the season (18 October 2015)

A Date with Destiny – the best historical fiction (23 August 2015)

Horrible Histories: the best new historical fiction of the season (3 July 2015)

A New Chapter in History: the best historical fiction for Spring 2015

Trinity by Conn Iggulden review: Wars of the Roses novel makes the blood flow faster