The Saints of Salvation by Peter F Hamilton

Macmillan | 2020, Pb 2021 | 528p | Review copy | Buy the book

The Saints of Salvation by Peter F HamiltonIt’s always a special day when a new novel by the Space Opera Master, Peter F Hamilton, arrives on the shelves and yesterday Macmillan published The Saints of Salvation, the final novel in the excellent Salvation sequence. I’m delighted to post this review as part of the blog tour. I rarely do blog tours these days but an exception had to be made for a novel by one of my very favourite authors, whose Pandora Star remains my all-time top science fiction novel. The Saints of Salvation completes the journey begun in Salvation and continued in Salvation Lost. You wouldn’t really want to start a trilogy with its conclusion so I do recommend you read the first two books beforehand. This review assumes you’ve had the pleasure.

Time has passed – in the near future and the far distant future – and the Olyix plot to cocoon all of humanity to offer up every human soul to their god at the end of times is revealed. The astonishing plan by the saints to foil this plot is now underway and the two timelines are coming together as they converge on the Olyix. This is thoroughly exciting stuff especially as the few remaining cities of Earth are on their knees, their shields failing, sabotaged by Olyix agents. No longer can people step through a portal to new worlds and safety, now they are stuck where they are, separated from their families, while, in the skies above, fighter ships must make terrible decisions about whether to destroy enemy vessels, crammed full with human hostages. Stakes have never been higher.

The Saints of Salvation is, arguably, the most exciting of the three novels as events reach their climax. Less time is spent on character interaction. We know who these people are now and we know how driven they are. It’s good to see them again. I particularly enjoy the far future thread with Dellian and Yirella and this contrasts well with the continued tale of Ollie who is scrambling to stay alive in what remains of London in the near future.

The story widens even further in The Saints of Salvation. We emerge into a universe that is even bigger than before, a time scale that is even more immense, and plans and conspiracies that stretch beyond the understanding of our characters, our heroes, and our saints.

Peter F Hamilton is a genius in creating jawdropping concepts, strange beings and astonishing worlds and ships. He shows this yet again and the result is another all-consuming and involving story. Each of the novels is different, the scope widening with each, the sinister menace, insanity even, of the Olyix increasing. This is a novel of apocalypse and salvation and it could not be more engrossing or thrilling. I can’t wait to see where we’re taken next.

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4 thoughts on “The Saints of Salvation by Peter F Hamilton

  1. Shawn

    This one was nothing short of stellar, I have waited to start the trilogy until the final book was released. We share an equal opinion of Mr. Hamilton he is a master at his craft.


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