The Split by Sharon Bolton

Trapeze | 2020 (28 May) | 400p | Bought copy | Buy the book

Felicity is as far from her home in Cambridge as she can be, studying the glaciers of South Georgia in Antarctica. But even here isn’t far enough. Felicity is terrified, constantly looking over her shoulder for her ex-husband Freddie who has now been released from prison. And then last ship of the season arrives and on it is Freddie. Felicity must hide. But what brought about this fear and terror? To find that out we must return to Cambridge and the events of nine months before when Felicity works with her therapist Joe to discover the reason for her bouts of amnesia. She must unlock the secrets hidden within her, while evading those people she knows are watching her.

Sharon Bolton is a genius when it comes to telling the twistiest, most gripping of tales, supported by fascinating, fully-realised characters. The Split is another stand alone psychological thriller and it demonstrates yet again that Sharon Bolton is a master of the genre. This is an immersive read as we try and find our way into Felicity’s thoughts, desperate to find out what is going on, now and in the past. It’s a pleasingly complex story with Felicity and Joe at its heart. Felicity is a fascinating character but so, too, is Joe. I loved his relationship with his mother, a detective. This adds another layer of mystery as well as menace because his mother has a crime to solve.

I loved the sections set in South Georgia most of all and I did wish that book of the book were set there. It’s described so beautifully, capturing the desolate wintry beauty of the place, reminding me of the author’s earlier novel Little Black Lies, which was set in the Falkland Islands. Sharon Bolton is superb in evoking a sense of place, connecting her characters to their setting so deeply. This is also evident here, including the sections set in Cambridge, a place that comes alive at night, when the homeless and the lost begin to stir.

These novels are never as one expects, they’re always original and often jaw-dropping. The Split is no different. The novel develops in astonishing ways. I can say absolutely no more than that! But if you’ve read one of Sharon Bolton’s novels before, as I would certainly recommend, then you will know that you have a treat in store.

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4 thoughts on “The Split by Sharon Bolton

  1. MB

    Started this one last night. Absolutely loving it! I love books sets in isolated places and with plenty of tension and suspense. Have tried a couple of hers in the past and have not been disappointed.
    Thanks for the revue.

  2. Anne Simonot

    I’m a big fan of hers too. The Craftsman! What a book! This one sounds intriguing and I’m certainly going to read it at some point!


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