In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Quercus | 2020 (3 March) | 253p | Review copy | Buy the book

In Five Years by Rebecca SerleThe future of Dannie Cohan looks set and it looks good. A successful lawyer in New York City her career is really taking off and she can’t get enough of it. She’s also just got engaged to David, a man who understands exactly what her job means to her. They’re a fit. Then one morning Dannie wakes up in a different apartment, with a different ring on her finger and with a different man in the bed. The date on the TV news tells her that it’s five years in the future. Everything has changed. And the strange thing is that this feels right, too. Shortly afterwards, Dannie wakes again and she’s back home and all is as it was. But Dannie has changed. She can’t get this vision out of her mind but, as the years pass, she does her best to do just that, until four and a half years later when she meets the man of her dream.

In Five Years is one of the most powerful and moving novels I’ve ever read. It’s short (arguably, it deserves to be read in one sitting) and every page is perfect, building up a story that will stay with the reader for quite a time. It is not an easy book to review and the reason is that it relies on you knowing nothing about it beyond the premise presented on the cover and summarised above. It certainly has a pull to it and couldn’t resist it and read it as soon as it arrived. It took over my life while I read it.

The premise (and the cover) does, I think, give a bit of a wrong impression and if you went into this book thinking it is a science fiction time jumping novel, then you’d be disappointed, and the reader also shouldn’t expect a psychological thriller. When Dannie meets the man she dreamt about over four years before I thought that I knew exactly where it would go. But it didn’t.

I fell for Dannie completely. She’s a workaholic and has some issues (don’t we all) but I could relate to her. My heart, though, was given to Dannie’s best friend, Bella, who fills this novel with light and love. Please read this novel and discover Bella.

In Five Years is a devastatingly beautiful and heartbreaking tribute to love. While not a romance, it’s a love story all the same and not the one you expect. I recommend you read this tucked away on your own, there will be tears and lots of them. This is a book to treasure and if it isn’t in my top books of 2020 list I’ll be very surprised.

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