Who Killed Ruby? by Camilla Way

HarperCollins | 2019 (27 June) | 320p | Review copy | Buy the book

Who Killed Ruby? by Camilla WayIt’s been thirty-two years since Viv’s sister Ruby was killed. Viv was just eight years-old but she was the main witness, responsible for putting away Ruby’s killer. He served thirty years. And now the anniversary has come round again and Viv, her daughter Cleo and her mother Stella give each other what comfort they can. For Viv, who found the body, it’s particularly difficult as the nightmares return more terrifying than ever.

But life has rebuilt itself. Viv has her beautiful clever daughter, a successful cafe and good friends. There is even a chance of romance on the horizon. And then it all goes wrong. This anniversary brings with it new dangers, new fear, and Viv must fight harder than ever for her family. To do that she must remember what happened all those years ago when her beautiful, much-loved sister was killed along with her unborn child.

Having just finished a long, powerful and consuming novel (Wanderers by Chuck Wendig – review to come soon), I was in the mood for a fast, entertaining and twisty thriller. I made a good choice when I picked up Who Killed Ruby? by Camilla Way because it fit the bill perfectly.

This is a short, intense and completely engrossing psychological thriller, which begins with a shock and that intensity doesn’t slip even while Camilla Way skilfully and tenderly builds up the characters of Viv and her daughter Cleo. I really enjoyed the way in which the author takes her time to bring Viv to life and it’s always fascinating as Viv tries to deal with the past while moving her life forward in the present. This includes memories of what happened all those years ago. But it’s fragmentary because this is a place to which Viv does not want to go. Until she has to.

Although I preferred the first half and there were moments when I had to suspend my powers of disbelief, I didn’t mind doing that. Who Killed Ruby? is a catchy, fun and involving thriller that really did keep me guessing to the end. That doesn’t happen very often. I cared for the characters, which is something I do like in a psychological thriller and isn’t always the case. I really enjoyed Watching Edie and Who Killed Ruby? is every bit as good if not even better. I gobbled it up! Excellent!

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