I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

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I Know Who You Are by Alice FeeneyAimee Sinclair is a TV and film actress on the brink of stardom. She is just finishing a movie in the UK and has an audition coming up with one of Hollywood’s top directors. For the moment, Aimee is one of those people who gets a double take in the street. But soon everyone will know her name. Everything is going so well. And then the day comes when Aimee gets home from work and discovers her husband Ben missing. He’s left his wallet, phone, keys, even his shoes behind, but Ben is gone. When she calls the police, she’s horrified to discover that they expect foul play, that she is a suspect. For it seems the police have had their eye on Aimee. They’re not the only ones. Aimee had been the victim of a stalker some time ago and Aimee now fears that the stalker is back. What do they want? And do they know something about Aimee’s past? It’s that which terrifies Aimee the most.

I was such a huge fan of Alice Feeney’s previous novel Sometimes I Lie, one of the best and twistiest psychological thrillers I’ve read, and I couldn’t wait to read I Know Who You Are. Alice Feeney is the master of the Unreliable Narrator and in Aimee Sinclair she has created another original and complex main character, who is both entertaining and largely unknowable. I loved the fact that Aimee is an actress. The perfect career for the Unreliable Narrator if ever there was one. And while this sets off all sorts of warning alarms, the novel doesn’t entirely develop in the way you think it might.

This is such a fun and entertaining novel. I really enjoyed the glimpses into Aimee’s acting world. Her position is fragile. Her reputation is paramount. Everything could end in a moment. And we meet the people who might make it end. This means lots of red herrings and false threads as this is a competitive world where nobody should be trusted. It’s hard not to feel empathy for Aimee, especially now that the ground has been pulled out from under her feet.

But there is more than one story in I Know Who You Are and the parallel tale set in the past is riveting. This is fantastic storytelling – it’s poignant, sad and horrific all at the same time and really demonstrates the skill of the author’s writing and plotting.

There is something rather bonkers about the way in which the story unwinds but nevertheless I Know Who You Are is a fun, light and fast psychological thriller that is hard to put down and very enjoyable to read. Alice Feeney really does come up with such brilliant main characters. I can’t wait to see who she comes up with next!

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