NYPD Red 5 by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Century | 2018 (22 March) | 368p | Review copy | Buy the book

NYPD Red 5 by James Patterson and Marshall KarpDetectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald work for NYPD Red, a police department that has all of the resources it needs and that’s because it’s there to protect New York’s most wealthy and powerful citizens. Many of them seem to attract trouble, including the new mayor. When Zach and Kylie are assigned as her bodyguards at a fundraising event, they can do nothing but watch as one of the four main benefactors is blown to pieces by a bomb on the podium. It’s not long before it’s clear that the other three might have something to worry about. But Zach and Kylie have other cases to deal with as well, especially the murder of a high profile film producer in rather shocking circumstances. The repercussions of both crimes could be enormous and the city is terrified at the thought of a loose bomber in its midst. The pressure is on.

If only Zach and Kylie weren’t so easily distracted. There’s a history between them. They might each have moved on with different partners but that doesn’t stop Zach taking a keen interest in Kylie’s personal business. And that puts him in very dangerous territory indeed.

NYPD Red 5 is the first of this series by James Patterson and Marshall Karp that I’ve read. In fact, it’s been many years since I’ve read a James Patterson thriller. I wish that I hadn’t stayed away so long. I absolutely loved this book. I picked it up when I was feeling tired and not quite sure what to read and I didn’t move until I’d finished it. It’s a very fast read but it’s also so enjoyable and entertaining.

I loved Zach and Kylie! Their relationship is a curious one and I enjoyed finding out about it but most of all I loved their charisma, camaraderie, wicked sense of humour and their dedication to the job. Kylie in particular made me laugh but she also made my jaw drop on the occasion when she does something ridiculously brave. Zach has his moments, too. There are some great scenes between them, my favourite being a luxurious flight on a private jet. They might be investigating major, high profile cases but they still know where their priorities lies and they have a lot to do with maintaining a private life. And enjoying some good food and drink when it’s available.

But their commitment to the job is admirable, and to doing what’s right. The two might not necessarily always go together. I was gripped by the cases in this book. There’s so much going on, so many threads to unravel and a lot of red herrings. I don’t want to say anything more about them except for one thing – I absolutely loved the ending!

I love a good thriller and James Patterson knows just how to deliver one. I’ll be reading this series from now on. I need to keep up with Zach and Kylie.

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