HWA Endeavour Ink Gold Crown 2017 Longlist

It’s a big day today. After several months of intense and enjoyable reading and lively discussion with fellow judges, the Historical Writers Association today announced the longlist for the HWA Endeavour Ink Gold Crown 2017. It was an honour – and a lot of fun – to be among the judges. So many good books were submitted and the task might have been pleasurable but it wasn’t easy. The result, though, is a longlist that we’re all proud of and I hope they give you ideas for future reading.

But, before the books, I must thank Antonia Senior, our marvellous Chair, Imogen Robertson, judge and HWA representative, and the publisher Endeavour Ink for its sponsorship, as well as fellow judges Amy Durant, Robin Carter, Nick Rennison and Richard Foreman.

Here in alphabetical order is the longlist. Congratulations to all twelve authors!

All together they make a lovely set. But what a challenge to get a shortlist from twelve such brilliant books!

A couple of years ago I was one of the judges for the HWA Debut Crown and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the 2017 shortlist for that and today there it was. Such good books! Completing the trio of awards, the longlist for the HWA Non-Fiction Crown 2017 was also announced today. You can see all three of the longlists here on the HWA website.

8 thoughts on “HWA Endeavour Ink Gold Crown 2017 Longlist

  1. Helen

    That’s a great list. I’ve only read four of them so far, and The Essex Serpent is my favourite of those, but I’ll have to investigate the others!


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