You Can Run by Steve Mosby

Orion | 2017 (6 April) | 327p | Bought copy | Buy the book

You Can Run by Steve MosbyWhen a stolen car crashes into a suburban house it reveals a shocking and terrible sight – a woman is chained and blindfolded in the garage, close to death. DIs Will Turner and Emma Beck arrive on scene and are confronted by a cellar from hell. There can be no doubt at all. This is the den of the Red River Killer, a serial killer that the police have been hunting for twenty years and a man that Will Turner has more reason than most to want caught. But does he want him dead? Turner has demons to confront and he finds them in that cellar.

The killer is no fool. The stolen car might have alerted the police to his identity but it also gave him time to run. There is someone he can count on to help him. But perhaps it’s not that simple. As Turner and Beck chase the Red River Killer across the country, it becomes clear that there is much more going on than they could have thought. The race is on. Will Turner must catch the killer before it’s too late. But can he keep his secret safe?

Steve Mosby is a master of darkly twisted crime thrillers and he’s done it again with You Can Run. The reader is let into the secret in the novel’s first pages – we know the identity of the Red River Killer but any confidence that we’re embarking on a simple cat and mouse chase is soon battered into pulp. This is a much more complicated story than that and it takes us into the shadows. And some of those shadows are in Will Turner’s mind.

I really enjoy Will Turner and Emma Beck. The two are closer than either of them might realise but both are very different characters. Emma is very ambitious and is in no doubt that Will might be holding her back. Will is quiet, introspective and sometimes he goes a little ‘weird’. But I love how Emma gives Will the support he needs when he needs it. Much of the novel is told in the first person by Will and so we’re taken into the dark places of his mind. The other parts of the novel follow the Red River Killer and the other characters who circle him. It’s powerfully done, not least because the locations are so well visualised.

I loved I Know Who Did it and You Can Run is a fine follow up. You Can Run, though, stands alone perfectly.

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5 thoughts on “You Can Run by Steve Mosby

      1. Kate (For Winter Nights) Post author

        They don’t reference the other novels very much so I think they each stand alone very well. You’d have no problem reading this as a standalone. Strictly, they’re not completely separate as the same detectives are involved but it’s much less of an issue with this series than with others. This felt like a standalone to me.

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